This is an album for underground/indie purists in my opinion, as it probably won’t resonate with those who want a traditional/classic Hip-Hop sound, I could be wrong though. For me, this is exactly what I’m looking for in albums today. Beautiful soundscapes, great production, and lyrical content that makes me think, and keeps me interested. Billy Woods and Elucid are somewhat uncompromising, but, there’s a genuine sense of artistic freedom in their music. It’s not gonna be for everyone, but neither is anything of note in art. I must say, the first track had me wondering if this album was gonna be similar to a Busdriver album, where my penchant for ultra “not the norm” production is tested to the limt with squelches, random bleeps, and staggered drums. It isn’t. The rest of the album is like an esoteric glimpse into a raw, creative, swat at the sometimes humdrum commercial realm of Hip-Hop music in 2023. The album tracks seem like they only have numbers for the purposes of the physical product, as they seem to just morph into one another, and should be listened to, and absorbed, in one full sitting.

Get your headphones on. Turn the lights down. And listen. This is not an album to scour for a track or two for a playlist, this is meant to be experienced. And I don’t care if that sounds pretentious, or “hipster”, as music seems to be the least respected of the artforms in today’s fast food market, so when an album comes around that deserves your utmost attention, then it’s up to me, and others, to nudge you in the right direction.

This is a powerhouse release of artistry, and integrity.

Another entry into my top 5 albums of the year, and a very strong candidate for the top spot.