Each one, Teach one

More than just beats and rhymes. Hip-Hop is a cultural movement that empowers and connects us. Essential elements for learning. True Hip-Hop embodies the awareness, creativity and knowledge that drive all education.


Join us at The Hold Up and let your creativity thrive in a supportive and inclusive environment. Broadening participant horizons and nurturing your potential is our aim.

With a focus on collaboration, critical thinking, and self-efficacy, our participant-led projects promote the development of valuable creative habits of mind and transferable skills. Participants are encouraged to take risks, embrace challenges, and think innovatively, fostering a curious mind and passion for learning that goes beyond the classroom. Recent projects have resulted in participants starting a record label to release music they make and a gaming company tasked with designing a new computer game.

Thu Tutorials

For participants who have taken our workshops and find themselves feeling a little lost or stuck. Continue your creative journey with us online!

Our video workshops will bring you back to what you’ve learned and guide you towards the next steps in your creative journey. Refresh your mind on a certain part of the process or dive deeper into various techniques and concepts you’ve explored. Our online videos are here to support you in demystifying the creative process.


We proudly embrace “Each One, Teach One” and “Knowledge of Self” as core principles of Hip-Hop culture. Through our workshops, we bring some of Wales’ finest artists to your local community, sharing these philosophies through their vast experience, knowledge, and skills.

In these engaging 60- or 90-minute sessions, we demystify the creative process, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone involved. Our workshops are designed to foster skill development and unleash your creativity in a supportive environment.

It’s a space where you can learn and grow. 

Begin the journey to discover and express your unique, artistic voice.


Learn from seasoned professionals and unlock your potential. Don’t just feel the vibe, learn to create one with our Turntablism workshops.

The DJ was the original star of any Hip-Hop event. Without them, the rappers couldn’t rap and the dancers couldn’t dance Immerse yourself in the art of mixing, scratching, and beat juggling.


Discover the power of your own voice with our beatbox workshops.

You’ll learn how to transform your vocal cords into a versatile instrument, creating beats, rhythms, and melodies that will astound everyone. Unleash your inner sample machine with our beatboxing workshops.


Dive into the kinetic world of breakdancing with our immersive workshops.

You’ll learn the moves that define this raw, powerful art form. Guided by seasoned pros who live and breathe the culture. These sessions are all about real skills, real style, and real self-expression. No fluff, just the pure essence of breakdancing.


Our experienced artists guide you through the entire process, teaching you essential skills like spray-painting techniques, color theory, and design concepts.

We can tailor the workshops to suit your needs and requirements. Whether you’re looking to create a large-scale mural or smaller individual pieces, our team will work with you to bring your vision to life.

Music Production

Dive into the world of music production with our hands-on workshops. You’ll learn the ins and outs of an accessible DAW that you can continue experimenting with once the workshop has finished.

Under the guidance of seasoned producers, you will explore sampling, mixing tracks, creating beats, and moulding sounds. This is less about theory and more about getting your hands dirty in the world of music creation.

Lyric writing & performance

Explore the creative process of writing and performing lyrics with our experienced lyricists.

Our workshops offer a supportive environment to nurture your skills and broaden your boundaries.

Hip-Hop Carousel

Don’t know which to choose? Would you like to try more than one Hip-Hop element? Make a day of it and choose them all! Cycle from one workshop to another and get a taste of the whole culture