Connecting and progressing with hip-hop culture

The Hold Up is a non-profit arts organisation. We promote Hip-Hop Culture and support the artists who make it. We’re dedicated to supporting and developing creative expression using the framework of Hip-Hop Culture.

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Thu Education


A taste of Hip-Hop Culture Wales’ finest artists. Perfect for any community, school or private organisation that wants to provide creative opportunities to the people they serve


Participant-led projects facilitated by our team of experienced Creative Practitioners for schools, PRU’s or other organisations looking to collaborate on a multi-week endeavour


Held regularly in your community. Led by a member of the THU crew with years of experience in the artform

tailor-made, hip-hop based cultural education

The DJ was the original star of any Hip-Hop event. Without them, the rappers couldn’t rap and the dancers couldn’t dance.

Take-up beat juggling, scratching, and mixing as a creative endeavour.

Learn from seasoned professionals, unlock your potential, and use the decks like the instrument they were meant to be.

Don’t just feel the vibe; learn to create one with our Turntablism workshops.

Discover the power of your own voice with our beatbox workshops. You’ll learn how to transform your vocal cords into a versatile instrument, creating beats, rhythms, and melodies that will astound everyone. Unleash your inner sample machine with our beatboxing workshops.

Dive into the kinetic world of breakdancing with our immersive workshops.

You’ll learn the moves that define this raw, powerful artform, guided by seasoned pros who live and breathe the culture.

These sessions are all about real skills, real style, and real self-expression. No fluff, just the pure essence of breakdancing.

Our experienced artists guide you through the entire process, teaching you essential skills like spray-painting techniques, colour theory, and design concepts. We can tailor the workshops to suit your needs and requirements. Whether you’re looking to create a large-scale mural or smaller pieces to take home, our team will work with you to bring your vision to life.

Dive into the world of music production with our hands-on workshops. You’ll learn the ins and outs of an accessible DAW that you can continue experimenting with once the workshop has finished. You’ll taste the art of crafting beats, mixing tracks, and shaping sounds with our experienced producers. This is less about theory and more about getting your hands dirty in the real world of music production to make music you can’t help but nod your head to.

Explore the creative process of writing and performing lyrics with our experienced lyricists. Our workshops offer a supportive environment to nurture your skills and broaden your boundaries.

Our philosophy

Healthy, creative expression is a fundamental part of our journey. In Hip-Hop Culture, we have the perfect medium to pursue this necessity.

Hip-Hop culture serves as both our medium of expression and a vehicle for a larger belief: that pursuing a creative outlet is as fundamental to our well-being as regular exercise and a balanced diet. Humans are curious creatures who like to solve complex problems by creative means and Hip-Hop culture is a multi-disciplinary way of addressing that need.

We believe in the power of the fifth element, “Knowledge of Self”, and how it can transform our lives and communities. We are passionate about providing access to opportunities and nurturing the creativity of others. We are determined to build safe environments in Welsh communities where free, healthy expression is encouraged and supported.

We’ve witnessed the positive impact Hip-Hop culture can have on people, often providing an alternative path away from negative influences. Empowering people’s belief in their ability to succeed in the things they pursue (self-efficacy).

We strive to demystify the creative process, enabling people to hone their craft while also highlighting training and employment opportunities within the creative industries. We recognise the challenges faced by artists, especially in Wales, where access, infrastructure, and support are limited. We aim to help artists focus on their craft, enabling them to produce their best work and elevate Welsh talent to a global stage.


Hip-Hop culture has made each member of our team who they are today. Using the ideas that underpin it, we provide opportunities for people to create, collaborate and put energy into something positive for us all.

Articles & How-To’s

Artist Support

As active artists, we know the kind of obstacles people face in developing their chosen art form, from a hobby into a career. The Hold Up aims to fill the gaps through ongoing support, highlighting potential opportunities, mentoring, training, and advice.

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